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8 Tips To Get Gorgeous No Makeup Look With Ayurveda

Ayurveda is also known as the science of life as it is the huge medical healing system that is offering various preventive health measures and treatment for the various health conditions. This healing system also has some magical products and supplements for beautifying the body as the Best Ayurvedic Treatment in India can make you look gorgeous and beautiful without applying any make-up on your face.

Key principles of Ayurveda for no makeup look

Ayurvedic healing system believes that there are two types of factors that can make you look beautiful. The first group of factors contributes to your beauty and the second group of factors improves your beauty.

Ayurveda has the extremely different approach for beautifying the body as it believes that beauty rests inside the body so, with best balance and functioning of the internal components of body and calm state of mind, the person can achieve internal and external beauty.

Following are some Ayurvedic approaches for the gorgeous no makeup look

Following are some Ayurvedic approaches for the gorgeous no makeup look

  1. Nourish your bodily tissues and skin as Ayurveda believes that our body tissues play the imperative role in the maintenance of the beauty so nourishment of these tissues can help us to get beautiful skin. According to Ayurveda, one should have the correct selection of diet with proper dietary rules so that person could have strong, healthy and balanced digestive fire which is necessary for balanced and beautiful mind and body.
  2. For gorgeous look, you must nourish your skin by adding some foods in your meals like clarified butter, buttermilk, milk, honey, split red lentil, red rice, split green gram, wheat, barley, rock salt .moreover you must drink plenty of water at least 2-3 liters per day
  3. For beautiful look, according to Ayurveda some foods such as uncooked raw food, curd or yogurt, dry vegetables, excessive sour and salty food, radish and jaggery must be avoided as these foods make sometimes incompatible food combination like combination of milk with curd, fish, and milk so these are not good for digestive fire.
  4. Immediately after eating food, you must avoid exercise, indulging in sexual activity, swimming, and other physical activities as physical exertion after eating food can hinder the digestive process of the body.
  5. For strong, healthy and balanced digestive fire one should eat freshly cooked, warm and unctuous food in the proper quantity such as according to Ayurveda one should eat half of the stomach of solid foods and 25% stomach should be kept empty and remaining should be filled with water. One must eat by chewing food slowly and should not eat in hurry.
  6. For better looks one should keep the mind healthy and calm as the mental stress, tension, anxiety can affect the skin and body.
  7. For healthy skin person should follow daily routine skin care activities like waking up before sunrise, oral hygiene, routine care of eyes and ears, caring nose for nasal installation, body massage including face, daily exercise, skin cleansing and wash with hygiene, foot care, and sound sleep.
  8. According to Ayurveda, some seasonal routine can also give you no makeup look. The person can use some herbs for skin care like anti-aging, skin brightening, skin rejuvenation and healing. Moreover, skin protection from inflammation and applying herbal packs are effective remedies for the beautiful look.

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