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5 Effective Ayurvedic Treatments Available For Knee Pain

Knee Pain is common in both sexes these days due to some issues. Some persons encounter mild pain but the majority of people are suffered from severe pain. This knee pain can lead to stiffness and swelling after some time. In addition, it is necessary to know and understand the reason behind knee pain. Then you have to go for treatment, you can also treat your severe knee pain with ayurvedic medicines.

Knee pain Ayurvedic treatment gives you better results as compared to allopathy because it treats your condition from roots.

Knee Pain Treatment with Ayurvedic Medicines

Here are various ways to treat knee pain with Ayurveda such as -:


This is one of the simplest and easiest methods in order to get relief from severe pain at any age. You can massage your knee with some type of essential oils named as castor, coconut, and garlic oil. Moreover, you have to warm the oil for some time and let it cool because warm oil gives you more benefits as compared to the normal one. Then you must massage your knee with lukewarm oil so that you can get rid of stiffness, swelling, and pain.


Fenugreek seeds are considered as the best Ayurvedic knee pain medicine because this is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. In order to get the relief, you should take one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and consume them with lukewarm water because it will give you fast relief from pain. Moreover, you can also consume soaked seeds if you do not want to consume the raw one.

Hot & Cold Compress

Hot and compress is also an effective way to get rid of knee problems as well as from spinal cord pain. In addition, you need a towel first in order to perform hot and cold compresses. In this situation, you should first place some ice cubes in the towel and then put the towel on the affected knee area. You can also do the same for hot compresses. Make sure you should do it for 3-4 minutes daily many times a day. Make sure you should use hot compresses with the prescription of the doctor if you are suffering from redness.


Turmeric is the best ingredient or spice which is normally used in cooking food. But it has anti-inflammatory properties which are useful to give you relief from severe pain. You must take a tablespoon of turmeric and add it in warm milk. Mix it well and then drink slowly, because this is not only useful to get relief from pain but also give you long term relief.

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