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5 Ayurvedic Remedies That Can Prevent Arthritis Pain

Arthritis has become the common problem for the people even at the early age of 30s. the rise in this problem can be due to some unhealthy eating and living habits that make the people obese and sluggish so it can lead to this problem in many cases.

Arthritis is the common joint disorder that can happen due to inflammation of joints that lead to stiffness and pain in the joints. This joint disorder can get worse with the time so timely treatment and care of this condition only can prevent this condition. According to Dr. Sharda who is Ayurvedic specialist Indian kitchens are full of remedial material that can help you to get rid of many diseases and ailments arthritis is one of them.

Following are some herbs or foods that can help you to get relief from painful joints and restore their strength up to the great extent

1. Nirgundi

It is the quite effective herb that is used for the medications of all kinds of joint pains. Consumption of this herb can prevent swelling and pain in the joint so help you to resume your mobility. This herb is bitter in taste and having hot potency but has anti-inflammatory, anti convulsing and antioxidant properties so it is helpful for joint pain. You can use its oil and can apply the paste of its leaves on your joint and even can have leaves decoction to get relief.

2. Ajwain

It is commonly available spice in every kitchen. Its anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial for arthritis and even it is having aesthetic properties so can help you to get relief from excessive pain in the nippy weather conditions. You can consume ajwain water daily for pain relief and even can make a paste of its seeds and can apply on the painful joint. Soaking the painful joint in the lukewarm water mixed with carom seeds can also help you to get relief from swelling and pain of joint.

3. Dashmool

It is the mixture of herbs like patala, gambhari, shalparni and many more, which is beneficial for many ailments. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to get relief from many body conditions and curing joint pain.

4. Shallaki

It is an effective herb to restore the strength of your joint. It eliminates the swelling of the joint and increases your mobility. it can be taken in the form of powder or oil as per your choice.

5. Ginger

Ginger is the common ingredient of many Indian cuisines but it also has its medicinal value. Ginger is having exceptional antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help the arthritis patient to get relief from the stiffness and pain of the joint. You can have ginger tea, apply ginger paste for best results and even ginger oil is also the good option for arthritis treatment.

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