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10 Effective Ayurvedic Tips To Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain

In the old age having lower back pain is the common issue due to degeneration of joints and internal weakness. However, these days’ even youngsters are also suffering from lower back pain due to their sedentary lifestyle which includes their sedentary jobs and use of machines for doing household chores. Apart from this injury, obesity, ligament sprain and osteoarthritis can also be the reason for lower back pain. Lower back pain issue cannot only force you to stop doing various routine activities also can force you to stay in consistent pain in the lower back.

Ayurveda’ the science of life’ is the ancient healing system of India so can help you to get relief from the lower back pain following are some effective tips to reduce the lower back pain with Ayurveda.

  1. Raw potato has many medicinal values so can help you to get relief from lower back pain. You can apply the grated pieces of raw potato on your back by keeping them in the thin cloth and by creating the poultice. This poultice must be kept for at least one hour to get rid of the pain.
  2. Paste of well cooked whole oats and made by mixing the vinegar can help you to get relief from lower back pain.
  3. Milk is very helpful in strengthening the bones and even helps to curb the back pain so intake of warm milk with honey or turmeric can improve the condition of a painful back.
  4. Intake of ginger tea for at least two times in a day can help you to have relief from back pain.
  5. Take some cabbage leaves and after boiling them in the milk you can apply them on your lower back to get relief.
  6. Tea made with chamomile flowers can help you to give you relief from lower back pain.
  7. Thick syrup of water and basil leaves can be consumed to get relief from lower back pain.
  8. Apply the aloe Vera gel on the lower back to get rid of the painful condition.
  9. Lemon use with after mixing 1/4th salt and half lemon can help you to get out from the painful back condition.
  10. Honey has inflammatory properties and has medicinal value so help you to get rid of many health conditions similarly; it can help you to get relief from back pain. You can consume on regular basis the mixture of warm water and honey to get rid of the pain.

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